Human Consciousnesses: Army of Headlights

The ‘Ding an Sich‘ [thing in itself] is not something just beyond perception, or independent of human consciousness, not “out there” beyond a veil of illusion, but is one with perception, one with the constantly self-creating universe.  Human consciousness is like an army of headlamps, casting a tint on the world that creates and includes differentiation, space, time, movement, etc.  We understand the world as constant and solid because of our melded headlamp light.  Consciousnesses are made and annihilated but these individual changes are never enough to dim consciousness itself, and the “reality” it upholds.  The real question is what would there be if all our biased headlamps were extinguished?  [Only the void?]  Genius exists when a consciousness is able to break away from the communal brightness and explore the darkness as a single beam– or to simply sit and contemplate that darkness away from human convention.

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Human Consciousnesses: Army of Headlights”

  1. I have imagined the “army of headlights” before. I believe both that we are individual headlights, stuck within the limiting lenses of our perceptual fields, and joined to consciousness itself, and the ultimate reality that is also outside our grasp, but is there whether we are or not.

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