Feelings, Words, Thoughts. In that order.

“And now a force was in hand how much more strong, and we hadn’t had time to develop the means to think, for man has to have feelings and then words before he can come close to thought and in the past at least, that has taken a long time.”

-John Steinbeck

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on November 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Feelings, Words, Thoughts. In that order.”

  1. This reminds me of Tom’s comments on how long it takes people to adjust to change, and how the internet is just a baby. We can’t even describe because we have not experienced, and don’t have the feelings to start with.

    How long did it take before we stopped calling trains “iron horses”

    Stuck in the megaphones of mainstream media, how can owners/managers imagine a semantic web?

  2. […] pen-and-papering, and attention to the unobjectived self, then I’m allowed some time to be aware of my feelings, attempt words, and point at thoughts. Consider this my first attempt [warning: I have an entrepreneurial prism today, which shapes my […]

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