The Gita

“Knowledge that sees in all things a single imperishable being, undivided among the divided–this kind of knowledge is sattvic.”

“Whatever quality arises–light activity, delusion–he neither dislikes its presence nor desires it when it is not there.”

“Whatever exists, animate or inanimate, has come into existence from the union of field and knower.”

“Freedom is union with the deathless;  the Self is the essence of all things; its creative power, called action, causes the whole world to be.”

“In the night of all beings, the wise man sees only the radiance of the Self;  but the sense-world where all beings wake, for him is as dark as night.”

“The scriptures dwell in duality.  Be beyond all opposites, Arjuna: anchored in the real, and free from all thoughts of wealth and comfort.”

“When your understanding has passed beyond the thicket of delusions, there is nothing you need learn from even the most sacred scripture.”

“Non-being can never be; being can never not be.  Both these statements are obvious to those that have seen the truth.  The presence that pervades the universe is imperishable, unchanging, beyond both “is” and “is not”: how could it ever vanish?”

Veiled in my mystery and power, I am not perceived by most men; their deluded minds cannot see me, the Unborn, the Changeless, the Undying.”

-Bhagavad Gita

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on November 15, 2008.

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