What do we SEE?

That there is Nothing instead of Something?  Realities instead of Reality?  Patterns instead of Things?  Dimensionful SPACE-TIME instead of Place?  No Time only Movement?  No Movement only Illusion?  Many Illusions of Consciousness?  Only Consciousness?  Consciousness as ALL?  No Belief only Action?  No Action only SEEING?  SEEING past all sensation—Knowing?—without Foundation, without Reason?

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on November 24, 2008.

One Response to “What do we SEE?”

  1. Well that’s all cool SHP. I. however, currently fret over whether I am writing in the incorrect, non-categorized category – but “seeing” is what I do and so I thought this the most appropriate slot. What’s shakin Rover? I am at home on a Saturday night building a wood shop out of my old carriage house – an 1890 garage for the buggie. It’s 20 by 20 and will do well for a saw and lathe. It seems I have acquired some sort of heart valve failure and my lofty tekking to new heights will pause as we assess. In the mean time I will turn bowls out of knotty wood, build furniture and window frames, and ponder. So, Thanksgiving has passed. My mom has a ton of cool things from our Revolutionary War family. I’d heard her speak of something she had from George Washington’s day. On Thanksgiving Day, after the big meal – my second of the day – she walked into her room, opened an old trunk and pulled out a perfectly preserve year 1800 newspaper – printed on wall paper, as it seems that’s all they had at the time. One side is text, one side wall paper pattern. The text side is outlined in black and announces the death of George Washington. It’s a good read. How cool is that? Hope you are well wherever you are. CD

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