Flashback: SHP Leaves Chicago for Alaska

Municipality of Anchorage

[10/30/2005 via Gmail]

Dear Everyone,

I hope the Halloween weekend finds everyone well.  I figured it was about time for a major mass update:

As most of you know, my Chicago period has come to an end.  I’ve left the big city in search of a radical change, and indeed I have found it here in North Pole Alaska.  I arrived at 1 am on Friday, safely and soundly, after the long flight to Anchorage and short hop to Fairbanks.  The temperature hovers at around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, with continuous flurries in the air.  Daylight is from around 9 to 5 and diminishing.  I have seen the sun once.  I am currently staying with my buddy Mike, in his “study” at a mostly unfurnished house in North Pole, just outside Fairbanks.  However,  we will both soon be moving to a small settlement called Ester, just SW of Fairbanks.  Mike will be housesitting for a “snowbird” family and their feisty german shepard named “dog”.  We went to get instructions yesterday, and found a beautiful log cabin/house on the side of a mountain, equipped with everything for the winter, including cross country skiis.  I will be here until the end of November, when I will be going back to Iowa to plan my next trip and line up my next job.  I’ve already been informed by a friend of Mike’s that a fellow is looking for help at his flyfishing tour business on the Kenai Peninsula.  Something along those lines would be great for the summer season.

Mike and I have already been hitting the trails for a total of 12 miles run so far.  Though it is cold, the air is very still and dry, so being outside is surprisingly pleasant.

Plans include a ton of reading, solid outdoor time with the dog, a few movies (Grizzly Man is coming soon), and of course, frequenting the various shack-like, bearded-males-in-carharts dominated watering holes.

I would love to hear from people, but as my internet time is quite limited, I may not be able to write much back.

Take Care and Happy Halloween,


~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on December 3, 2008.

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