Flashback: Observations from Alaska

[11/6/2005 via Gmail]

Some observations, if you’re interested:

Salmon tastes better here.
German Shepards are mean until you feed them.
Alaska Porter tastes like bacon.
Timothy Treadwell had some issues.
All cars, though not electric, need to be plugged in.
Relatedly, when running in -10, be prepared to blink fast to avoid freeze up, and to look strikingly like old man winter, every hair-like protrusion covered in thick frost.
Skate-skiing is like running uphill and doing push-ups at the same time, which makes me hesitate to try it.
Denali (Mt. McKinley) is so large I can make it out from our log cabin porch, 125 miles away.
-2 degrees is flip-flop weather for at least one University of Alaska student.
Sleeping for 11 hours is pleasant.
Cabin fever is best described as a 12 foot stare in a 10 foot room.
Carleton graduates are everywhere, ran into Frank last night at a party of lawyers.
Ester has 200 permanent residents, 1/4 of which were hanging out at the Golden Eagle Saloon on Friday, grilling their own burgers and carrying dogs in backpacks.
Lastly,  it’s snowMACHINE not snowmobile.

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on December 5, 2008.

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