Flashback: One of the best days in Alaska

[11/15/2005 via Gmail]
I’ve been told, by a local, to inform you that Alaska does indeed have four seasons.  They are:……….wait for it…..
……..June, July, August, and Winter.
It got a big laugh at the “Big I” in Fairbanks.
The outdoor adventures continue.  On Saturday Mike and I drove the 120 miles down the Parks Highway to Denali National Park.  While most of it is closed to vehicles, and without trails, we found one trail to the top of Mt. Healy, where we were told we would catch a good view of the monster–Mt. McKinley.  We caught a beautiful brisk (-5) sunny day, and were sweating frozen bullets by the time we had finished the 2 hour hike/climb.  Feeling on top of the world, with a dynamite view of McKinley–towering above the seemingly endless Alaska Range–we followed the mountain goat tracks in the snow to higher ridges, peaks, and views.  The sun was reflecting tiny crystals in the air, creating a line of luminescence much like moonlight on the water.  We dined on pepper-jack, salami, and cracker sandwiches before reluctantly heading down with the sunset.
Mike called it “one of the best days in Alaska thus far” and I assented.  I thought Glacier National Park was impressive, but this is a whole different deal.  The only wildlife seen was a pair of snow-white dove/quail-like birds when we were almost to the summit, excepting the red fox we nearly ran over once back in the truck.
Besides that, I’ve been keeping busy with reading at the cabin and UAF library, hiking with the dog, beard growing, running, thinking, etc.  I also recently consumed my first buffalo burger–tasty.

My best to all–especially those cubicle-bound.


~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on December 11, 2008.

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