Flashback: Ode to Iowa

[12/20/05 via Gmail]


Iowa continues to impress me.  The pork tastes better here.  I now
live in a barn, in a second floor garret with one window and one
skylight, two single beds, a bench, a bookshelf, a propane heating
implement, and one chair.  My view out the large window is of Grant
Wood-esque hills collapsing into valleys, finding their resting place
in the still winter streams lined with bare trees.  A seemingly
functioning old metal windmill extends from the ridge of a barn in the
not too distant distance.  On the directly opposite hillside stands an
ancient oak, its branches the site of the first building on the
acreage while in our family’s possession.

The day was sun-laden, cloud-absent, and cool as I headed out for a
late afternoon expedition [run] into said hills.  The plowed chunks of
snow cast long shadows over the hard-frozen slush of the gravel road,
providing, along with the squeak-crunch of my shoes, a reliable meter
of pace.  I followed the alternating tracks of deer, dog, and man [the
latter two having been in pursuit of the ubiquitous pheasant, no
doubt] generally south.  As the sweet hay smell of manure filled my
nostrils, I restrained myself from chastising the idle cattle for
their impolite stares.  At mile 3 I was forced to increase my pace to
escape a mangy farm dog protecting his territory.  Luckily it only
spanned a few hundred yards either side of his driveway, unluckily the
turn-around was at mile 3.1.  After a polite hello and inquiry into
what I was doing by neighbor Tommy checking his post, I headed up the
home drive.  The horizon was a pleasing shade of violet all around,
foreshadowing the warmth of a hot shower.  One last glance at the
setting sun, which blazed a few snow-white trials of jets in the pale
sky, and I headed in for a night of reading by the fire.

All this is just a long winded way to wish you all a very happy,
healthy, non-denomination specific general season of gathering and
good cheer.  I continue to pursue plans for gainful employment in
Alaska for the spring, and a trip to southern locales [most desirably
Patagonia] in the meantime.

My best to all,


~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on December 28, 2008.

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