Flashback: Soviet looking Buenos Aires

[1/30/06 via Gmail]
Beunos Dias,
11 hours on a tidy United airplane is all it took to leave rainy Chicago behind and enjoy a sweet sweaty hike through steamy, slightly soviet looking Buenos Aires.  Wanting but not wanting to sleep in my new-found hostel home, I headed south to discover the Feria de San Telmo, a street market of sorts.  I found a small square packed with unwanted heirlooms, antiques, nicknacks, memorabilia–most of which was probably regurgitated from the basements of the former middle and upper classes after the monetary collapse in 2001.  After enjoying the company of some contortionists, a Charlie Chaplin wanna-be, kids playing the accordion, several tango dancers–a majority of which had stuffed dance partners, and a cerveza fria, I collapsed into a deep sleep.  It was 8pm.
Today I viewed the dead at Ricoleta Cemetery.  Once having seen Evita (Duarte) Peron´s popular grave, there were only so many more mountains of granite holding rotting wooden caskets I could behold, before they began to lose their deathly splendor.  Walking north I took in the parks of Palermo including one nice Japanese section and ended at the Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays.  I don´t know who Thays was, but I hope he liked cats.  Feral and abandoned cats, too many to count-hundreds?, share this park with trees of the world, strolling old ladies, their chess playing men, and a few formerly distinct humans, now a unified mess of limbs.
A friend of a family friend has generously asked me to dinner tonight, so I will have to dust off the speech skills.  I leave for Bariloche the day after tomorrow–most likely.


~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on December 31, 2008.

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