Thoughts on Death- P.C.

Paulo Coelho’s chosen epitaph:  ‘He died while he was still alive’.

“That might seem a contradiction in terms; but I know a lot of people who have stopped living, even though they continue working and eating and carrying on with their usual social activities.  They do everything on automatic pilot, unaware of the magic moment that each day brings with it, never stopping to think about the miracle of life, not understanding that the next minute could be their last on the face of this planet.”

“We are all walking towards death, but we never know when death will touch us  and it is our duty, therefore, to look around us, to be grateful for each minute.  But we should also be grateful to death, because it makes us think about the importance of each decision we take, or fail to take; it makes us stop doing anything that keeps us stuck in the category of the ‘living dead’ and, instead, urges us to risk everything, to bet everything on those things we always dreamed of doing,  because, whether we like it or not, the angel of death is waiting for us.”

“People do not think very much about death.  They spend their lives worrying about absurdities; they put things off, and fail to notice important moments.  They don’t take risks, because they think it’s dangerous.  They complain a lot, but are afraid to take action.  They want everything to change, but they themselves refuse to change.

If they thought a little bit more about death, they would never forget to make that much-postponed phone call.  They would be a little crazier.  They would not be afraid of this incarnation coming to an end, because you cannot fear something that is going to happen anyway.

The Indians say: ‘Today is as good a day as any to leave this world.’ And a wise man once said:  ‘Death is always sitting by your side so that, when you need to do something important, it will give you the strength and the courage that you need.’ ”

-Paulo Coelho

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on February 16, 2009.

One Response to “Thoughts on Death- P.C.”

  1. I think I came to grips with death about a year after my Mom passed away.

    Things that meant nothing to me before – all of a sudden had great meaning. I now cry at the movies and TV shows, I feel pain when someone else is troubled and, oddly enough, I do not fear death.

    Things happen when you are around people who are dying – you begin to see the world in a very different light.

    Good luck to all on their journey. 🙂

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