Wisdom and Fear

“Wisdom is the knowledge that there is no end to our negative characteristics if we submit to them.  Greed is a perverted search for real security–security in God[or Enlightenment or whatever].  We are caught in this materialistic trap because we have it in mind that this is where our security lies, and therefore, competitiveness is necessary.  The result is that man is at war with everything around him.  We are cutting each other’s throats.  …We keep on consuming and collecting and postpone facing our reality until it is too late.”

“Fear is one of the biggest curses we inflict upon ourselves.  If you face your self, you will find that it does not exist.  The secret is to catch yourself the moment it occurs.”

“The greater the yearning and the burning, the greater the energy.  The greater is your suffering, the more you are qualified to free yourself from it.  When fear is mild one can brush it aside.  When it is vast, new basic treatment is necessary and final cure is more probable.” 

-Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Interesting thoughts to think on given the times….

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on March 10, 2009.

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