The Midwest:

“Both in the middle and on the fringe.  The physical heart, and the cultural extremity.  Corn, a steadily waning complex of heavy industry, and sports.  What are we to say? We feed and stoke and supply a nation much of which doesn’t know we exist.  A nation we tend to be decades behind, culturally and intellectually.  What are we to say about it?

“This area makes for truly bizarre people.  Troubled people.  As past historians have noted and future historians will note.”

“And when the people in question then become old, when they must not only come to terms with and recognize the implications of their consciousness of themselves as part of this strange, occluded place…when they must incorporate and manage memory, as well, past perceptions and feelings.  Perceptions of the past.  Memories: things that both are and aren’t.  The Midwest:  a place that both is and isn’t.  A volatile mixture.”

-David Foster Wallace “The Broom of the System”

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on April 17, 2009.

One Response to “The Midwest:”

  1. Hmmm, isn’t that a little harsh? Banal as well. Was David Foster Wallace an East Coast prick?

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