Jotunheimen’s “God Door”

Eager to begin the climb up Besseggen Ridge and my trek of Jotunheimen, I glanced at the nicely engraved stone set next to the trail—“God Tur!”  Using the two languages I know (Not Norwegian), I subconsciously translated this as “God” [English, self explanatory] and “Door” [in German Tur].    A bit strange but I was too distracted by the many ‘Hei Hei’s’ I had to give the Sunday-trippers and my overly-laden pack to give it much thought.  But the exclamation point!  Why put one at the end of such a solemn phrase?  This nagging issue was soon resolved as an older man passing smiled and enthusiastically exclaimed “Good Tour!”

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—All expansion on top of Glittertind.  The smooth snow caps broken by stretch-mark ice– turquoise lakes and dark grey rock surround. —

–Sun, wind, snow, and joy.  My mind dull and open with quiet ecstatic peace only found in the mountains.–

It was on the fourth day, hour eight, heading up a slippery green rock pass in a blowing snow, that Jotunheimen’s ‘God Door’ opened.  Sunlight burst a brief clearing, revealing the lakes and pointed peaks spread around, the wind-wave fans spread rhythmically on the water, and my mind was only capable of   “!”

“When real and non-real both are absent from before the mind, nothing else remains for the mind to do but rest in perfect peace, from concepts free. ”


“It’s also called ‘the primordial continuity of the mind,’  ‘natural luminosity,’  ‘the ultimate  nature of the mind,’  ‘the natural state of consciousness,’  ‘essential simplicity,’  ‘primordial purity,’  and ‘spontaneous presence.’ ”

— Matthieu Ricard, “The Quantum and the Lotus”

Many names, but the experience is one.  It is the state I seek while wandering.  I was glad I found it briefly in Jotunheimen.

–The final day had it all:  packed up wet in a cold blowing rain and watched the cloud-mist roll until it broke, the sun lighting up the Hurrungane Range as if to send me off well.  Ingerdbu sun lunch–down to picturesque Vetti (how can I live there?), the waterfall above reaching and plummeting until perception is spent and the rocks begin to move upwards.  On out the mystic cart path road, deep in the cliffed valley, trees glowing above, turquoise glacier water running nearby.

My mountain eyes lasted through Bergen and the rest of the trip to Norway.

“Where does reality lie?  Is it not more accurate to say that we’re dealing with a set of interactions that create various transient phenomena, and behind this flow of endless transformations, we have no reason to postulate the existence of an intrinsic reality?”

–Matthieu Ricard

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on October 6, 2009.

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