The Gorgon of Gorgonio Pass and ThunderSnow

“What is the difference whether or not you find this freedom, this enlightenment?  You will not be there to benefit from it.”

–U.G. Krishnamurti

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Sunning spiked lizards–blue, purple, orange, white wildflowers–legs pounding the shimmering crystal-gold dust–instantly in my element,  the element–basic needs plus joy.  Endless days through the desert heat–threatening snakes rattling, searching for shade, crawling under brush to listen to Stacks’ ukulele…

At overlook bivy, 6000 feet to desert dawn below right, many shadowed mountains sunsetting left.  Looked, watched, slept.  My mind rebels against the solitary silence, busy pop-culture dreams.

Only what is.  Not this or that, me or I.  What Is.

At the hottest, driest moment of the San Felipe’s, full load of water on your back–one comes across a small metal box labeled:  “2010 lead cache–take only what you need.”  It is full of lead weights.

High Alpine!  Bouldery crags, big pines, views, four miles of slushy snow to hide the trail…a pile up of six at cold slopey nearly 9,ooo feet, saving Fuller’s ridge for the morning–five miles of slush drifts.   7,000 feet down plops us in a 85 degree windstorm [the Gorgon rears it’s head, sandblasting us into stone] forcing us take refuge in an abandoned ranch house by the interstate.  24 hours later, back at 8,000 feet, the San Bernadino thundersnow began–five hours and a beard full of snow later, Worth the game warden suggests a day early hitch into Big Bear City.  We don’t regret it.  250 miles down.

“When wanting ceases, even for a moment, thought is absent and you are left with the simple matter of taking care of the bodily wants–food, clothes, and shelter.”

–U.G. Krishnamurti

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on May 24, 2010.

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