The Walk

“At the crack of dawn, our eyelids crack open to see the faint glow of
red light peaking up over the eastern horizon. Dew heavy on our bags,
crisp cool air tempting us to stay burrowed. He rolls over to light
the stove he prepared the night before, as I lay curled up in the down
of my cocoon. Water boils and mountains in the distance begin to turn
shades of peach and rose.  Hot oatmeal lures me to enliven my body, to
sit up and open my eyes to the world around. Vast hemispheres of
shadows, with slivers of light showing through. As the sky begins to
fade from dark blue to a sea of orange, we begin to pack up our
belongings, huddling close to our sleeping bags, as we clutch to
comforting thoughts of warmth and rest. Finally, shoes have been tied
and alas our packs heavily slung to our bodies, a familiar burden, but
one that makes the hiker feel whole. As the legs awake and the poles
crash to the ground, we begin another day of trekking through the
infinite lands. Inviting shadows guide our feet, colors so vivid and
rich in the land, eyes are ignited, and in the coolness of the morning,
perfumes from the grasses rise as they lure the bodies senses into
the peaceful meditation of the Walk.”

-Gretchen Leggitt

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “The Walk”

  1. This is a perfect paragraph!

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