Lovers of “The Range of Light”

“Presently you lose consciousness of your own existence: you blend with the landscape, and become part and parcel of nature.”  –John Muir

Excerpts from the sparse journal of the John Muir Trail the past 8 long days:

Muir Pass is all half-frozen lakes and snow banded mountains in two huge basins either side of the stone hut adorned saddle…

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The one remaining thundershower booms to the West, and the mountainscape North draws my eye to its shifting shadows, black and red.

The iron-orange banded peak plummets to the still Rae Lake, exploding with millions of raindrops.

The sun and exhaustion of the day made me feel as though I were floating on a cloud of pain, hardly aware of my gliding footfalls–radiating heat as in a fever.

One of the best days.  Camped on a high bench below Lake Marjorie–we sat in wonder of the sunset view, river crossings, up up to Mather Pass–all rock and snow, then down to gorgeous granite lined Palisades Lakes for a dip and lunch–a paradise.  Each pass and each alpine lake astound.

Onward toward Yosemite tomorrow.

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on July 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lovers of “The Range of Light””

  1. you have traveled happily from the healing hotsprings!!!!!!!!!stay safe!great photos!!!!!!!!

  2. Scott

    Your dad just turned me onto your blog. I love it, especially the freedom you exude. I am also a great admirer of the West with all it’s mystery and open area.

    Edward Abbey would be proud. Peace friend.

    Barry Boyer

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