How to Walk 40 Miles in a Day

Get up at five, cook and eat breakfast in the dark [because headlamp is broken]

Immediately lean over in bivy and throw it all up [because new brand of ibuprofen disagrees with once empty stomach]

Start walking at 6:30 [looking for landmark road to join that turns out not to exist]

Stop at nine and eat entire package of fig newtons meant to last four days.

Hit 10 miles by 10am.

Wolf PB and Honey sandwiches and explode pack to dry out after hard frost during half hour break.

In attempt to be efficient keep trekking poles on wrists and pack on while filling water bottle [as a result slip, trip, and fall in shallow muddy lake]

Eat bologna and cream cheese sandwich while walking to make 20 miles by 2 pm checkpoint.

Develop rhythmic breathing to lull the mind into acquiescence.

In mid afternoon give up all hope of achieving 4o miles–convince self you are miles behind and your feet hurt far too much to make it.

Hit late afternoon checkpoint precisely on time.  Boost spirits with granola, honey, and peanut butter.

Just before dark push out the final miles in a pole-driven hunched stance while singing “Running on Empty” and laughing.

Arrive at camp, cook in the dusk, and see a never ending kaleidescope of exploding white figures when you shut your eyes [something to do with all the green going by all day]

-Red Cache Folsom

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on September 12, 2010.

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