Mt. Bear and a Mood Like the Clouds

I walked the earth carrying the sky with a mood like the clouds.  Peak after peak buttressed by snow mounded icefalls filled a vision dazzled by this mountain kingdom surrounding Mt. Bear (14,831ft.)  The St. Elias Mountains.  Such remote beauty a man could drown in it.  48 hours after Paul Klaus’ Otter landed on a branch of the Klutlan Glacier at 8,300ft., fellow guides Ed Ryan and Ben Woodcock and I were celebrating on the summit over a vast view of Canada’s Kluane National Park.  Whipping wind numbed fingers as we pulled skins and prepared for the ski/splitboard descent. Navigating the crevasses in the icefall roped to two snowboarders was not exactly pretty, but it was effective and we travelled safely back to our high camp at 12,642ft.  We melted water in our drifted over bivy hole, packed up our ultralight but heavy packs, and skied back to our Camp 1 tents at 10,035ft in time for dinner and a radiant sunset behind Universtiy Peak.  The mountains were great hearted and magnanimous this day, and we were thankful.  [Especially that the cracks only hungered after single legs, and not whole bodies].

Many thanks to Wayne and Gaia at St. Elias Alpine Guides for facilitating this amazing trip.

More Pictures at

CIMG5113 CIMG5093 CIMG5095

~ by Scott Hamilton Peters on May 21, 2014.

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