I envision Atalkata as a place to expatiate: to post thoughts, quotes, and other philosophical detritus. A place to broadcast travel stories and pictures. A place to converse with my hermano, or anyone with an interest in authenticity; the Real; the True. Even though they may be nonsense.

It is an attempt to live up to the words of Wittgenstein: “Don’t for heaven’s sake, be afraid of talking nonsense! But you must pay attention to your nonsense.”

+Scott Hamilton Peters

Nick at Work

Scott and I have a common grasp on life thanks to a shared upbringing, affinity for travel, and B.A.’s in Philosophy. All very nice, but not much fodder for an evergreen expatiation on things. That is, until we started to make very different life choices. Which is precisely why this effort starts now, after a series of critical junctures. In bullet form, consider the facts:

  • Scott moves to Chicago to get a M.A. in Philosophy
  • Scott and I take a trip to Eastern Europe [where I meet the love of my life, and Scott reads some great books]
  • Nick moves to Chicago to work for a large consulting firm
  • We live together for 1.5 years
  • Scott becomes bewitched by the idea of a life that cannot by labeled, but basically amounts to a mix of deep thought, hard seasonal labor, vagabondage, extreme physical tests, reading, and denial of the ego [sorry, SHP, but labeling usually comes from the ‘other’].
  • I come to the conclusion that work isn’t worthwhile unless I attempt the business alchemy of turning potential into actual [feel free to wrap some labels around this, SHP].

And thus began our exceedingly divergent experiences [although they may be quaintly rooted in a similar first 23 years]. This is where Atalkata picks up the threads, and shall do so in the following ways:

  • SHP Letters – Scott started to update his extended cadre on travel exploits via email in 2005. These are informing of Scott’s physical and mental whereabouts, and will be reprinted on Atalkata for amusing archival purposes. Also expect fresh updates from current locales.
  • Questions – Scott and I ask each other broad questions, which quickly take on a feeling of importance, only to be left behind for the latest greatest. By capturing them here, we have higher hopes of returning to them with answers.
  • Quotations – Scott is quite good at capturing key thoughts of great thinkers. And I enjoy the chance to interpret these without the added hassle of collecting them.
  • Thoughts – It’s conceivable that full thoughts will arise from our expatiation. If this occurs, such thoughts will be added to this wholly-appropriate category.

And for now, the derivation of ‘Atalkata’ shall remain a mystery in order to garner a false sense of interest amongst curious others.

+Nicholas John Peters

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ahh… That shot was on the platform of the Navimag in Chile. Good times. Good wine.

    Best of luck on your adventures!

  2. Philosophical detritus? Dust and detritus blew around New York City for weeks after 911 – the dust came from pulverized concrete, desks, ceiling tiles and fluorescent lamps – perhaps even mementos . Detritus, on the other hand, would have been the lofty remains of so many brave souls – well, lets say non-living particulate organic material floating on the breath of the wind. Hmmm – thoughts, quotes and other matters pertaining to the philosophy of the fragments of death – and by systematic reasoned argument no doubt. I’ll give it the old college try.

  3. What an excellent Sunday morning blog! Look forward to following your respective journeys.

    Cuzzy G

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